Learning Support

The Support for Learning Service in Queen Anne offers the English teacher a range of ways in which pupils’ needs can be met effectively. These include:

  • To give pupils direct assistance with reading and writing
  • To enable slower pupils time to complete assignments
  • To provide differentiation in the classroom, e.g. working with a group
  • To assist English teachers in preparation, planning and providing differentiated work assessing the ‘readability’ of the texts.
  • Sharing information about pupils’ strengths and weaknesses and suggesting suitable strategies
  • Providing small group or individual tuition for pupils
  • Auxiliary support in class
  • Encouraging the use of technology where appropriate : lap tops, Alpha-smart work processors, etc
  • Special examination arrangements – scribing, transcribing
  • Assistance with the completion of S4 folio defaulters (something which seems to be unique to Queen Anne and is very much appreciated!)

The English Department has made use of all the above in the past and will continue to do so. We appreciate the flexibility that our relationship with Support for Learning Service allows. However, two points have to be made: the resources in time and teachers of Support for Learning are not infinite and secondly, our own limited preparation time and heavy workload makes effective liaison and planning with the Support for Learning Service very difficult to achieve. What is important, though, is that Support for Learning Service should not be seen as an off-loading opportunity for behaviour problems.

We are fortunate that the Support for Learning Service provides us with a great deal of information and a basis to develop clear learning profiles for our pupils. It is important that information is shared on a two-way basis. Individual teachers and Support for learning staff should have a clear understanding and agreement between them concerning the type of support being implemented and wherever possible, a specific short term target or aim to be reached by the pupil(s) involved.