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Freya Stobie submitted the following winning entry for the competition.  Well done Freya!


The New Arrival


The look of excitement on my mum and dad’s faces was overwhelming.  We had just come in from a lovely day out.  I was slightly curious about the exciting atmosphere but became even more suspicious when my Dad said to me, “We need to tell you something.”  I wasn’t really worried because the massive smiles on their faces assured me it was good news.


I was not at all prepared to hear what they were about to tell me.  As soon as the words were out, the expression of shock was frozen on my face.  “You’re going to have a baby brother or sister,” my Dad said gently as my Mum slipped her jacket off revealing her tiny little bump that she had been hiding for five months.


I felt like I was in a dream and I could wake up at any time.  I was beyond shocked but in a good way.  I felt so pleased and was delighted that I was going to have a baby brother or sister.  I asked so many questions that night and when my older brother came home from being out for the day, I couldn’t wait to tell him.  I said exactly what my Mum and Dad said to me and he acted exactly as I did.


As months went on, we were in and out of baby shops like a yoyo, trying to get everything organised.  My Mum was getting bigger and often we would lie down and listen to her tummy (you would often get a kick in the head). We had finally sorted most things out and had a beautiful new room for the baby.


On the due date nothing happened.  By this time we had almost decided names.  I was very excited but didn’t know what to expect.  It was an anxious wait for the next couple of days and the whole family was preparing.  Four days later my Mum went into hospital.  Me, my Dad and my brother were at home for the night, nervous yet impatiently waiting for a call.  Eventually we went to bed but at six o’clock in the morning, the phone rang.  My Dad quickly left to go through to Kirkcaldy as my Granddad arrived to look after us.


At half eight my Dad phoned and told me I had a baby sister now and that her name was Ana.  We went to see her later on that day.  It was a beautiful day with the sun shining just for her.  When I saw her I felt so pleased that she was my sister.


I never thought I would have a sister, but there she was. Healthy.  Happy.  Everything we could have wished for.  I felt so nurtured and safe and I gave my Mum the biggest cuddle ever. 


Ana is two now and she is great.  I love being with her.  I still cannot believe she is here but when I think about it – even though it was only two years ago – I couldn’t imagine our family without her.


Freya Stobie